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The international peer-reviewed periodical CONVIVIUM Exchanges and Interactions in the Arts of Medieval Europe, Byzantium, and the Mediterranean – Seminarium Kondakovianum Series Nova first appeared in 2014. The periodical builds on the work of Nikodim Pavlovič Kondakov and his Prague Institute, which joined the Section of Art History (the forerunner of the present Institute of Art History CAS) in 1953. The publication is produced in co-operation with Masaryk University in Brno and the University of Lausanne.

Two regular editions of Convivium are issued every year, one focusing on a single, defined topic, the other on assorted subjects. These are supplemented with occasional additional issues concerning a specific event, geographic area, or historical or social phenomenon.

In 2020 Convivium VII/1 was focused on the theme A Hub of Art. In, Out, and Around Venice, 1177–1499, edited by Herbert L. Kessler and Serena Romano. Convivium VII/2, with the editorial of Ivan Foletti and Zuzana Frantová, Exchanges and Interactions in a Time of Pandemic, brings seven articles, roundtable Medieval Art Today. Why? and reviews of the new books.

Two special issues of  Convivium Supplementum 2020 were published. I: Transformed by Emigration. Welcoming Russian Intellectuals, Scientists and Artists (1917–1945), edited by Ivan Foletti, Karolina Foletti & Adrien Palladino; II: Rome on the Borders. Visual Cultures During the Carolingian Transition, edited by Chiara Bordino, Chiara Croci & Vedran Sulovsky.

Editors: Michele Bacci (Université de Fribourg), Klára Benešovská (Institute of Art History CAS), Ivan Foletti (Masaryk University Brno), Herbert L. Kessler (John Hoppkins University, Masaryk University in Brno), Serena Romano (Université de Lausanne), Elisabetta Scirocco (Bibliotheca Hertziana, Max-Planck-Institut für Kunstgeschichte)

Emeritus: Hans Belting (Staatliche Hochschule für Gestaltung in Karlsruhe)

Editor-in-chief: Ivan Foletti

Advisory board: Xavier Barral I Altet, Nicolas Bock, Valentina Cantone, Jaś Elsner, Clario di Fabio, Finbarr Barry Flood, Ondřej Jakubec, Alexei Lidov, Assaf Pinkus, Stefano Riccioni, Jiří Roháček, Erik Thuno, Alicia Walker

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