Taťána Petrasová

PhDr. Taťána Petrasová, CSc.

Management of IAH / Department of the Art of the 19th-21st Centuries

phone: + 420 221 183 515

Vice director and information secretary, researcher at the Department of the Art of the 19th-21st Centuries.

Taťána Petrasová studied art history and aesthetics at the Faculty of Arts, Charles University in Prague (PhDr. 1984) and defended her dissertation at what was then the Institute of Theory and History of Art, Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences (CSc. 1993). She has been employed with the institute since 1986. Petrasová is a member of the Research Board of CEFRES (from 2013 on) and the Research Board of the Institut national des sciences humaines et sociale CNRS (from 2019 on). She was a member CAS’ Academic Council in 2013–2021. As a member of the Department of the 19th to 21st-Century Art, she specializes in 19th-century architecture and sculpture.

She edited and co-authored Dějiny českého výtvarného umění III. 1780–1890 (along with Helena Lorenzová, published in 2001) and Art in the Czech Lands 800–2000 (along with Rostislav Švácha, published in 2017). Since 1998, she has been participating in the Pilsen symposiums devoted to 19th-century culture and history. Petrasová is currently finalizing the monograph Pietro Nobile (1776–1854): Neoclassicism between Technique and Beauty (in print, De Gruyter, 2021), which is the main output of the GAČR granted project, on which she collaborated with Rossella Fabiani (Trieste) and Richard Kurdiovsky (Wien) in 2017–2019.

Research outputs (selection):

Taťána Petrasová, Die Kunsthistorische Konzepte von Anton Springer und August Wilhelm Ambros, in Markéta Štědroňská (ed.), August Wilhelm Ambros – Wege seiner Musikkritik, - ästhetik und historiographie, Wien 2021, pp. 179–192.

Taťána Petrasová, Pietro Nobile’s and Clemens Wencel Lothar Metternich’s Idea of the Summer Residence Königswart (1827–1840), Umění / Art LXVII, 2019, pp. 417–439.

Taťána Petrasová, Katedrála bez krále: chrám sv. Víta v letech 1791–1929, in: Jana Maříková-Kubková a kol., Katedrála viditelná a neviditelná. Průvodce tisíciletou historií katedrály sv. Víta, Václava, Vojtěcha a Panny Marie na Pražském hradě, díl II, Praha 2019, pp. 500–507, 509–542, 555–629.

Taťána Petrasová, Art and Architecture in the Period 1800–2000 (together with Vojtěch Lahoda); The Architecture of Neo-Classicism – The Economy of Form; Civil Sculpture; Europe and Moravia; Neo-Classical Architecture and the Theory of Garden Art; The Neo-Classical Ideal in Sculpture; Bohemia and the World; Garden, Parks, and Spas; The Romantic Artist versus the Academy; The Culture of the City; Orientalism; Synagogues in the Age of Jewish Emancipation; Neo–Renaissance – ’National’ and Czech; Art in the Public Space – Between a Representative Commission and New Impulses (together with Pavla Machalíková); The Classical Ideal; Historicism and the Cult of Monuments; Style versus Technique; Neo-Baroque and Art Nouveau (together with Lenka Bydžovská), in: Taťána Petrasová – Rostislav Švácha (edd.), Art in the Czech Lands 800–2000, Prague 2017 [2018], pp. 603–633, 636–639, 642–643, 647–651, 656–663, 670–673, 686–699, 708–717, 727–729.

Taťána Petrasová, Člověk a stroj, in: Taťána Petrasová (ed.), Člověk a stroj. Strojová estetika v českém výtvarném umění 19. století (kat. výst.), Západočeská galerie v Plzni 2012, pp. 9–40.

Taťána Petrasová, Sochařství z Mnichova v Čechách a čeští sochaři v Mnichově / Die Bildhauerei aus München in Böhmen und die tschechische Bildhauer in München, in: Taťána Petrasová – Roman Prahl (edd.), Mnichov – Praha. Výtvarné umění mezi tradicí a modernou / München – Prag. Kunst zwischen Tradition und Moderne, Praha 2012, pp. 219–256.

Taťána Petrasová, The first Czech Translation (1783) of the five orders: Image rewrites text, in: Katalin Keserü – Z. Szegedy-Maszák (edd.), Text and Image in the 19–20th Century Art of Central Europe. Proceedings of the International Conference Organized at the Eötvös Lorand University of Budapest, September 21–22, 2009, Budapest 2010, pp. 59–68.

Taťána Petrasová, Josef Mocker and Prague's Medieval Landscape (1872–1899), in: Zoe Opacic (ed.), Prague and Bohemia: Medieval Art, Architecture and Cultural Exchange in Central Europe. British Archaeological Association Conference Transactions XXXII, Leeds 2009, pp. 222–240.

Taťána Petrasová – Jiří Pešek, La Prague des fondateurs modernes (1850–1890), in: Markéta Theinhardt (ed.), La Prague des fondateurs moderne (1850–1890), Paris 2005, pp. 308–341.

Taťána Petrasová, Die unvollendete puristische Instandsetzung des hohen Turms des St.-Veits-Kathedale zu Prag (1879-1911): Quelle der Erkenntnis und Ursprung von Irrtümern, Umění / Art XLIX, 2001 [2002], S. 305–320.

Taťána Petrasová, The History of the Town Hall in Prague in the 19th Century, in: Jacek Purchla (ed.), Mayors and City Halls, Krakow 1998, pp. 183–188.

Taťána Petrasová, L'idée de la cathédrale de Prague au XIXe siècle, in: Roland Recht (ed.), L'art et Revolutions. XXVIe Congres international d'histoire de l'art, Strasbourg 1992, pp. 168–179.

Current projects:

The Neo-Classicism between technique and beauty: Pietro Nobile (1774–1854), GAČR 17-19952S – principal investigator

Space of the exhibitions (Strategy AV 21) – co-investigator