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Kateřina Dušková Scholarship

Kateřina Dušková Scholarship

From 2005 onward, Studia Rudolphina: Centre for Research of Art and Culture of Rudolf II Era has been providing a research residence “in memoriam of Kateřina Dušková,” a young colleague who died tragically at the very beginning of her scholarly career. Funded from sponsors' gifts, this residence at the Institute of Art History, CAS in Prague is meant for both international and domestic students or emerging researchers who focus on the era of Rudolf II. The suggested duration of the residence is 2-3 weeks. The centre provides free accommodation and financial support. Residents are expected to write a report and discuss the research results with the institute's members. They are encouraged to publish their results in the Studia Rudolfina Bulletin.

Applications are accepted all year round. Please send your CV, bibliography and two-page project proposal to the address:

Studia Rudolphina, Ústav dějin umění AVČR, Husova 4, 110 00 Praha 1.

Contact: Mgr. Sylva Dobalová, Ph.D.

Successful candidates and their themes: