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Library of the IAH

Founded in 1953, the Library of the Institute of Art History, CAS specializes in history, theory and methodology of visual art and related disciplines (architecture, aesthetics, history, auxiliary sciences of history). It includes the book collection of the N. P. Kondakov Archaeology Institute as well as parts of Zdeněk Wirth's and Josef Cibulka's libraries. The library currently contains approximately 90,000 books, exhibition catalogues and periodicals. Visitors can also use its bibliographic database.

The library's collection contains a significant amount of international literature which has been purchased and acquired as gifts or through exchanges. Important partners and donors include especially the International Foundation for Art Research (New York) which, in 1990, donated 76 volumes of The Illustrated Bartsch, an illustrated compendium of European prints. Thanks to the ongoing support of  Samuel H. Kress Foundation, we continue to acquire new volumes. As of 2019, the collection consisted of 112 volumes.

The library lends some of its materials while others are reference only. It serves the employees of IAH CAS as well as students and the professional public.

Basic art-historical literature and some periodicals are available in the stacks of the library's study room. A part of the collection is held in storage in Jenštejn; upon request, we deliver these materials within two business days.

The library is using the Aleph library system, and its records are also available in the Union Catalogue of the Czech Republic. The oldest part of the collection acquired between 1953 and 1998 is available in the digitized card catalogue of books and periodicals. Periodicals are avsilable also in the Union Catalogue of the Czech Republic - Serials (for the IAH collection type the sigla: ABB048).

The library is equipped with two computers, a self-service colour photocopier with a printer and a self-service scanner. Wifi is available, and the library also provides access to international electronic databases.

Inter-library loan services are available to all libraries through the Union Catalogue.

During opening hours, readers can buy materials published by IAH's Artefactum press (the library only accepts cash).

For library rules see PDF below.


The library lends some of its materials while others are for reference only. It serves employees of IAH CAS as well as students and professional public. It offers internet and wifi, access to selected databases, and use of a photocopier and scanner.

Inter-library loans are provided for all libraries in the Czech Republic through the Union Catalogue or upon written request, e-mail:

Reprographic services are provided for the reader's individual needs. The library has a self-service colour printer and scanner. For fees see Services and Fees.


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Opening hours

The Library of the IAH will be closed on Monday 27 September and Friday 29 October. Thank you for your understanding.

Mon 10.00–16.00 
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Thu 10.00–16.00 

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Opening hours during summer (July - August)

Mon 12.00–16.00

Thu 12.00–16.00

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