Ústav dějin umění Akademie věd ČR, v. v. i.

Strategy AV21

The strategy of the Czech Academy of Sciences responds to current social challenges through a sophisticated formulation of research programmes, based on cooperation of scientific fields and institutions. The basic programme framework of the Strategy AV21 was accepted by the Academy Assembly in December 2014. The research programmes of the CAS are open to partners from universities, corporations, and institutions of regional administration, as well as foreign research groups and organisations. The research programmes are proposed and formulated in discussion of the leadership of the CAS with directors of the institutes with regard to trends in global science, social relevance of the research, and National Priorities of Oriented Research.

Institute of Art History is taking part in solving of following research programmes:

Europe and the State: Between Barbarism and Civilisation

Memory in the Digital Age

City as a Laboratory of Change; Construction, Historical Heritage and Place for Safe and Quality Life

Resistent Society