Dr. Anja Bunzel

Dr. Anja Bunzel, Ph.D.

Department of Musicology

phone: +420 220 303 937

Researcher at the Department of Musicology.

Anja Bunzel studied Media and Communication Studies, Musicology, and English Language and Literature at the Freie Universität Berlin (2007-2010, BA) and received her MA in Musicology in 2012 from the same institution. From 2012 to 2016 she completed her doctoral studies at Maynooth University in Ireland, with a thesis on the songs of Johanna Kinkel. She also received a postdoctoral fellowship from October 2017 to September 2018 at Maynooth University. Her PhD and postdoctoral studies were supported by the Irish Research Council. Her research interests include private musical practice in Prague and Central Europe in the nineteenth century. She is co-editor of Musical Salon Culture in the Long Nineteenth Century (Boydell, 2019, with Natasha Loges) and sole author of The Songs of Johanna Kinkel: Genesis, Reception, Context (Boydell, 2020). Together with Christopher Campo-Bowen, she prepared and edited the volume Women in Nineteenth-Century Czech Musical Culture, which is forthcoming with Routledge in 2024. As part of a project funded by the Czech Grant Agency (GAČR), she is currently working on a monograph provisionally titled Sounding the Salonesque: Nineteenth-Century (Semi-)Private Music-Making in Prague, Berlin, and Vienna. She is a member of the editorial boards of the international musicological journal Studia Musicologica (Budapest, AK Journals) and the international interdisciplinary journal Global Nineteenth-Century Studies (Liverpool University Press), as well as of the Advisory board of Irish Musical Studies (Woodbridge, Boydell Press).

Research outputs (selection):

Anja Bunzel & Christopher Campo-Bowen, eds, Women in Nineteenth-Century Czech Musical Culture: “Apostles of a Brighter Future” (Abingdon: Routledge, 2024).

Anja Bunzel “‘My Soul Is Filled with Songs’: Josefina Brdlíková as a Song Composer,” in: Women in Nineteenth-Century Czech Musical Culture: “Apostles of a Brighter Future”, ed. Anja Bunzel & Christopher Campo-Bowen (Abingdon: Routledge, 2024), 173–90.

Anja Bunzel & Christopher Campo-Bowen, “Introduction,” in: Women in Nineteenth-Century Czech Musical Culture: “Apostles of a Brighter Future”, ed. Anja Bunzel & Christopher Campo-Bowen (Abingdon: Routledge, 2024), 1–13.

Anja Bunzel and Stephen Rodgers, “Women, Song and Subjectivity in the Nineteenth Century,” in: The Cambridge Companion to Women Composers, ed. Susan Wollenberg and Matthew Head (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2024), 183–204.

Anja Bunzel, “Joseph Joachim’s Network in Prague: ‘It was very original and funny there, and they had excellent food and drink’,” in: Joseph Joachim – Identities / Identitäten, ed. Katharina Uhde and Michael Uhde (Hildesheim: Olms, 2023), 353–72.

Anja Bunzel, “Czech Song, Jan Ludevít Procházka, and the Salonesque Musical Entertainments in 1870s Prague,” in: Chamber Music in Europe (1850-1918): Composition, Mediation and Reception, ed. Catrina Flint de Médicis and François de Médicis (Turnhout: Brepols, 2024), 229–47.

Anja Bunzel, “František Palacký’s (Musical) Life with the ‘Aristocrats’: Private and Semi-Private Musical Sociability in Prague during the First Half of the Nineteenth Century,” Musicologica Austriaca: Journal for Austrian Music Studies (June 2023), online: 1–17.

Anja Bunzel, review article of 2023 Elena Pokorná: Písňová tvorba. Fanny Mendelssohn Hensel (Brno: JAMU, 2021), Stephen Rodgers (ed.), The Songs of Fanny Hensel (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2021), Die Musikforschung 76/1 (Spring 2023), 64–66.

Anja Bunzel, “Countess Elise von Schlik (Eliška Šliková): Salonnière, Patroness, Composer,” in: Women Composers in New Perspectives, 1800-1950: Genres, Contexts and Repertoire, ed. Mariateresa Storino and Susan Wollenberg (Turnhout: Brepols, 2023), 99–119.

Anja Bunzel, ed., “Hearing Struggle: Musical Responses to Times of Crisis in the Czech Lands during the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries,” editorial, Hudební věda, no. i (2023), 7–11.

Anja Bunzel, “The Prager musikalisches Album (1838) and the Nineteenth-Century Salon as Cultural Practice,” in: Dílo a proměna myšlení v české kultuře 19. století, ed. Taťána Petrasová and Pavla Machalíková (Prague: Academia, 2023), 153–167.

Anja Bunzel, “Popular Song in the (Semi-)Private Domain? Considering the Nineteenth-Century Salon within the Context of Popular Culture,” in: Popular Songs in the Nineteenth Century, ed. Derek B. Scott (Turnhout: Brepols, 2022), 113–132.

Anja Bunzel, “Exploring Women’s Contributions to Nineteenth-Century Musical Culture in the Czech Lands,” Journal of the Kapralova Society, no. 2 (2022), 7–12.

Anja Bunzel and Susan Wollenberg, ed., “Rethinking Salon Music: Case-Studies in Analysis, introduction, Nineteenth-Century Music Review (FirstView, April 2022).

Anja Bunzel, “‘...which, like his latest songs, might extend his name also within the wider circles of the artistic world’: Zdeněk Fibich’s Meluzína (op. 55 Hud. 187),” Musicologica Olomucensia 33/2 (2021), 321–335.

Anja Bunzel, “Clara and Robert Schumann's Circles in Dresden: ‘I take the liberty to request from you an invitation [...] to your musical matinée’,” in: Clara Schumann Studies, ed. Joe Davies (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2021), 13–31

Anja Bunzel, The Songs of Johanna Kinkel: Genesis, Reception, Context (Woodbridge: Boydell 2020).

Anja Bunzel, review article of Fibich Goethe Lieder, Lucie Laubová (soprano) and Jaroslav Šaroun (piano), Palacký University Olomouc, 2018, Vydavatelství FF UP, Newsletter of the Dvořák Society for Czech and Slovak Music (April 2019).

Anja Bunzel – Natasha Loges (edd.), Musical Salon Culture in the Long Nineteenth Century (Woodbridge: Boydell 2019).

Anja Bunzel,“Romantic Patriotism and the Building of Reputation: The Case of Robert Schumann’s ‘Paradies und die Peri’,” in: Sarah McCleave – Tríona O’Hanlon (edd.), Reputations of Thomas Moore: Poetry, Politics, Music (Farnham: Routledge, 2019), 117–141.

Anja Bunzel, “Rezeptionsgeschichte ex nihilo: Johanna Kinkel als Balladenkomponistin,” in: Sonja Häder – Ullrich Wiegmann (Hrsg.), Aus dem Schatten treten: Frauen an der Seite berühmter Männer (Berlin: Klinkhardt, 2017), 19–32.

Anja Bunzel, “Johanna Kinkel (1810–1858) within the Context of Nineteenth-Century Music Criticism,” in: Teresa Cascudo García-Villaraco (ed.), Nineteenth-Century Music Criticism (Turnhout: Brepols 2017), 421–447.

Anja Bunzel – Barbora Kubečková, “Václav Jan Tomášek (1774–1850): A Versatile Lieder Composer?: A Comparative Analysis of Selected Goethe Settings by Carl Friedrich Zelter, Václav Jan Tomášek and Johanna Kinkel,” Musicologica Olomucensia 20 (2014), p. 15–36.

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