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Josef Cibulka

In 2018, 50 years had passed since the death of Josef Cibulka (1886–1968), a prominent art historian and professor of Christian archaeology and church art history. He was involved in a wide range of activities during the monarchy and the First Czechoslovak Republic, as well as during the Nazi occupation and the communist regime. The publication focuses on the life and professional activities of a priest who held a number of influential positions in the international, domestic and religious sphere. Josef Cibulka belonged to the elite of the Czech and European academic scene and also to the elite component of the diocese clergy of the Roman Catholic Church.

Michal Sklenář, Kristina Uhlíková, Vít Vlnas (eds.)

First edition in Czech, 325 pp., Prague: Artefactum, Ústav pro studium totalitních režimů, Katolická teologická fakulta UK v Praze 2020, 

ISBN: 978-80-88283-50-8


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Josef Cibulka Josef Cibulka Josef Cibulka