Department of Topography, Brno



Institute of the Art History AS CR, v.v.i., office in Brno
Veveří 97, 602 00 Brno

T: + 420 532 290 264

All visitors are kindly asked to contact us first by e-mail  or a phone call.

You can find us in the area of the Academy of Sciences opposite to the building of the Law Faculty of the Masaryk University, see a map. Nearby is the Moravian Library. The entrance is from the Resslova street, through the glass door. From the Main station take the tram Nr. 12 (in the direction of Technologický park), up tp the station Konečného náměstí, from which it is circa 400 m by feet. From the City centre take the tram Nr. 3 at the Česká street (in the direction Vozovna Komín) or tram Nr. 11 (direction Rakovecká) and get out at the station Rybkova. From here you walk circa 200 m.



Mgr. Kateřina Dolejší, Ph.D.; Mgr. Tomáš Valeš, Ph.D.

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