Josef Sudek

Anna Fárová (1928–2010), who was responsible for sorting the materials left by Josef Sudek (1896–1976) on his death, assembled a total of 13 500 negatives of documentary photographs of works of art, and the photographer's sister Božena Sudková donated this part of his work to the Institute of Art History by means of a deed of gift on 11 April 1978. The same procedure was then used in sorting Sudek's positive photographs, and on 1 November 1989 the Institute of Art History took possession of a collection of 4574 original photographs of works of art.

From the negatives it acquired, the Institute of Art History, in cooperation with Czech and international galleries, has put on the following exhibitions of new prints, produced by Vlado Bohdan:

  • Josef Sudek The commercial photography for Družstevní práce Finland 2003, Berlin 2004, Munich 2005, Prague 2006
  • The Museum of Eastern Bohemia in Hradec Králové in photographs by Josef Sudek, Hradec Králové, 2003

Both original photographs by Josef Sudek and new prints produced by Vlado Bohdan from his negatives were published:

  • Josef Sudek The commercial photography for Družstevní práce, Alvar Alto Museum, Jyväskylä 2003
  • Vojtěch Lahoda, Emil Filla, Praha 2007
  • Josef Sudek, Reklama [Advertising], Praha 2008
  • Josef Sudek, Sv. Vít [St. Vitus's Cathedral], Praha 2010



Publications with photographs by Josef Sudek from the collections of the Institute of Art History

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