Studia Rudolphina: Research Center for Visual Arts and Culture in the Age of Rudolf II


The Studia Rudolphina centre for the study of Rudolfine art was established in 2000 and serves researchers from all over the world. A specialised reference library and digital bibliography is available. The results of international research have been published annually since 2000 in the Bulletin Studia Rudolphina. The Centre provides Czech and international students and doctoral students with the necessary facilities and the possibility to make use of the annual "Kateřina Dušková Memorial Fellowship", intended for research into Rudolfine art.

The work of the research centre follows on from the research into the art and culture of the time of Rudolf II which has been carried out by the Institute of Art History for many years, and which marked its first international success with the standing exhibition of Rudolfine collections in the possession of Prague Castle, and an associated international conference in 1965. Since then the Institute has held a number of international conferences (in 1969, 1987, 1997 and 2007), and Institute staff have been involved in preparing exhibitions on Rudolfine themes (for example in Essen in 1988). The papers presented at the largest international Rudolfine conference so far ("Rudolf II, Prague and the World", 1997) have been published by the Artefactum publishing house. The proceedings of the symposium " München – Prag um 1600" have been collected in a special edition of the Bulletin Studia Rudolphina.



Contacts: Beket Bukovinská, T +420221183564


Current projects

Archduke Ferdinand II of Tyrol (1529–1595) and his cultural patronage between Prague and Innsbruck
P 409/17-25383S, 2017-2019 (project leader Sylva Dobalová)

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