Strategies AV21

The research programmes which are realised at the institutes of the Czech Academy of Sciences within the Strategies AV21, are based on the interdisciplinary cooperation and deal with actual problems and challenges. The main attention is paid to the application of the results in the spheres of important economical and social impact. At the same time, the Strategies AV21 fully observe the pivotal role of the fundamental research which is the basis for any development in all sciences. The research programmes are proposed and defined due to the arrangement of the CAS management with the directors of the institutes. Arranging the programmes various trends in the sciences, social relevance are taken into account with regard to the National Strategic Studies and Innovations.

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Programmes on which the IAH , v. v. i. participates:

Europe and State: Between the Barbarism and Civilisation

– topic: Ferdinand II of Tyrol
projekt výstavy „Ferdinand II of Tyrol and his Summer Palace "Star"“ ("Hvězda" Summer Palace, Prague 6, Památník národního písmenictví), garanteed by  IAH CAS, coordinator: Sylva Dobalová, authors: Sylva Dobalová, Ivan Muchka, Ivo Purš

– topic: Charles IV.

– topic: Public and Private as a Topic of interdisciplinary research

Communication Forms and Functions

(coordinator: Institute of Philosophy CAS)

– topic: Art as a Form of Communication
(coordinator IAH CAS, v. v. i., garant PhDr. Tomáš Winter, Ph.D.)

  • conference Practices, Circulation and Legacies: Photographic histories in Central and Eastern Europe, 8.–10. 5. 2018, Lublaň (Slovenia)
  • a collective monography Vysoké a nízké (High Brow and Low Brow Art)
  • a publication Nespatříte hada: Čapek – Hrubín – Skácel – Kabeláč (You Won´t See the Snake: Čapek – Hrubín – Skácel – Kabeláč)

Memory in the Digital Age

(coordinator: Masaryk Institute a Archives CAS)

digitalisation of the most used fonds of the Department of Documentation, Jiří Roháček and of the card catalogues of the Department of Bibliography, Polana Bregantová
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