Markéta Ježková

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Mgr. et Mgr. Markéta Ježková
Department of Early Modern Art

Nahoru Personal profile

2014–present Institute of Art History, Studia Rudolphina Center (assistant)
2005– present
National Gallery in Prague, Education Departement, free-lance curator for education
2017- present
Scholastika - Post Secondary Technical School of Visual Communications (lectures on art history)
2010– present
History of Art, Faculty of Arts, Charles University in Prague (PhD.)
French language and literature / Aesthetis, Faculty of Arts, Charles University in Prague (MA)
History of Art, Faculty of Arts, Charles University in Prague (MA)

Nahoru Research interests

Rennaissance art, history of collections (16th-20th century)


Nahoru Current projects

2017–2018 Collaboration on the project Archduke Ferdinand II of Austria (1529–1595) and his cultural patronage between Prague and Innsbruck NR. 17–25383S, Institute of Art History, CAS

2016-2018 A monography and exhibition  „Well, buy it. Masaryk and the collection of paintings for the Prague castle“, November 2018

Nahoru Selected bibliography


  • “Well, buy it.” Building the Prague Castle Art Collection 1920–1948, in: Milena Bartlová et alii, Co bylo Československo? Kulturní konstrukce státní identity. VŠUP: Prague 2017, pp. 45–56, 249.
  • František Topič a nákup kartonů Mikoláše Alše pro Pražský hrad / František Topič, Mikoláš Aleš’s Cartoons and the Origins of the Arts Collections at Prague Castle, in: Alena Volrábová (ed.), Ars linearis VII, National Gallery in Prague, 2017, pp. 86–93, 147–152.
  • Portrét neznámého šlechtice / A Portrait of an Unknown Nobleman from the Budapest Museum, in: Alena Volrábová (ed.), Ars linearis VI, National Gallery in Prague: 2016, pp. 26–34, 138–142.
  • Rudolph II and the Collection of the de Granvelle family, in: Lubomír Konečný – Štěpán Vácha (eds.), Hans von Aachen in context, Prague 2012, pp. 227–231.


  • Unpublished drawings by Hans von Aachen, Studia Rudolphina, 15, 2015, pp. 37–47.

Nahoru Other important activities (membership, prizes, activity as curator)

Curator of exhibitions: Alice Masaryková (1879–1966) and her support of arts, smaller-scale exibition, Prague Castle Picture Gallery, August 2015 – February 2016; „Purchases from the „National Masaryk Trust“ I-IV, four smaller-scale exibitions, 2013 – 2014, Prague Castle Picture Gallery

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