Jitka Walterová

Nahoru Contact

MgA. Jitka Walterová
Photographic Studio, room no. 110, 111
A Institute of Art History ASCR, Republic Husova 4, 110 00 Praha, Czech Republic
E  jitka.wa.at.post.cz
T +420 221 183 520
F +420 222 221 654

Nahoru Personal profile

1998 – 2002 Artistic photography, Film and TV School of Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (MgA.)

1995 – the present Photographer at the Institute of Art History, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic

Nahoru Research interests

Creates professional photographic documentation of Czech and international works of art in the fields of architecture, sculpture, painting, drawing, graphic art and decorative art for the needs of the specialist activities of her workplace. In her independent work she concentrates on artistic and arranged portrait photography, using contemporary computer and printing technologies. In recent years she has dealt with the theme of the boundary between the natural and the artificial in human beings, between artificially created aesthetics and "awkward" naturalism.

Nahoru Current projects

Collective and Individual Exhibitions

2008 Zlatý fond NMF [The golden collection of the National Museum of Photography], Czech National Bank, Prague

2002 Magisterské soubory [Magisterial collections], Tunnel Gallery, Prague

2002 Konfrontace [Confrontation], Prague House of Photography, Prague

2001 Prolínání [Blending], Pták Loskuták [Myna Bird] exhibition rooms, Prague (independent exhibition)

2001 Klauzury [Monastic Seclusion], 2001, Prague Tower, Beroun

1999 Introspekce [Introspection], Galerie Velryba [Whale Gallery], Prague

1998 Internationale Fotografie aus Prag, Stadthaus, Ulm

Nahoru Other important activities (membership, prizes, activity as curator)

Výstavy (kolektivní a samostatné)

2008 Zlatý fond NMF, Česká národní banka, Praha
2002 Magisterské soubory, galerie Tunel, Praha
2002 Konfrontace, Pražský dům fotografie, Praha
2001 Prolínání, výstavní síň Pták Loskuták, Praha (samostatně)
2001 Klauzury 2001, Pražská věž, Beroun
1999 Introspekce, Galerie Velryba, Praha
1998 Internationale Fotografie aus Prag, Stadthaus, Ulm

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