Collection of The N.P. Kondakov Archaeological Institute

The N.P. Kondakov Archaeological Institute (1931-1952) was established in Prague in 1931 as the successor of the Seminarium Kondakovianum society. It was an association of art historians and archaeologists who had emigrated from Russia after the 1917 revolution and who formed in Prague a scholarly community of Byzantologists of European importance. Many of them were pupils and colleagues of Professor Nikodim Pavlovich Kondakov (1844-1925), who wanted to continue his work.

Among its other activities, the Institute assembled a specialised library containing 10,000 volumes and a collection of artistic objects, primarily coins, icons, and Coptic textiles.

The Institute of Art History, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, administers the material documenting the activity of the N.P. Kondakov Institute, part of the inheritance of N.P. Kondakov, and the inheritances of several other members of the N.P. Kondakov Institute.

The items in the collection are kept in the Národní galerie v Praze [National Gallery in Prague] and the Uměleckoprůmyslové muzeum v Praze [Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague].


Curator: PhDr. Jiří Roháček, CSc.,

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