The department of bibliography belongs to the library. It focuses on the processing of the bibliography of the Czech art history. The card catalogue (until 1987) comprises index cards of the authors, visual artists, localities and subject headings (up to 500.000 cards). With the printed bibliografie (1971–1987) the outcomes of the research in the Czech art history became available to the wider public (17 vearbooks). Thanks to the financial support within the programme "Support of Targeted Research and Development", Czech Academy of Sciences the Bibliography of the journal Umění / Art was processed (1953–2002) and the bibliographical database of the Czech art history was established.



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Bibliography of the journal Umění / Art
Bibliography for the years 1953–2002 and bibliography from 2003 onwards in pdf format

Retrospective Bibliography of Czech Art History 1781–1986
Card files of the IAH edited in RETROBI. Supported by Strategies AV21, Programme Memory in the Information Age.

Bibliography of Czech art history
Articles from journals, books, and exhibition catalogues. Currently not available for technical reasons.
Virtuelle Fachbibliothek Kunstgeschichte

Informační systém abART
Information system for contemporary Czech visual art operated by the Fine Art Archive

Národní památkový ústav – Odborné knihovny a dokumentační fondy

Database of the Academic Research Centre of the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague.

Bibliography of the protection of monuments
Database compiled by the National Institute for Monuments.

Provided by the Center for Contemporary Arts Prague.
Artservis. Internet visual art periodical

Czech bibliographies available online via National Library of the Czech Republic

Uniform Information Gateway (UIG)


Grant projects


Card Catalogues are digitalised within the framework Strategies AV21 (Programme Memory in the Digital Age).


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