The great cities of Early Byzantine Greece

The great cities of Early Byzantine Greece

Rádi bychom Vás pozvali na 42. přednášku z cyklu Středověk v pohybu, kterou přednese Alessandro Taddei na téma: The great cities of Early Byzantine Greece (4-7 AD). Architectural maintenance and strategies of transformation. Přednáška se uskuteční v úterý 24. dubna 2018 v 16.00 h v zasedací místnosti (sál 117) Ústavu dějin umění AV ČR, Husova 4, Praha 1. Pozvánku viz v příloze.

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As late as the 4th century AD, major socio-political events across the Late Roman Empire led to a relentless process of dissolution of the traditional models of city life and administration. Whether one considers such a process as a clue of "decline" or, on the contrary, as a phase of adjustment to unfavourable economic conditions, it proved to be an irreversible one. Even the Late-antique urban centres of Greece shared this common fate with those of Asia Minor, Syria, Palestine and other provinces. The lecture will focus on the efforts that were being put in effect to preserve these cities and their architectural prestige against decay. Conversion of public buildings, remodelling of urban spaces and the new monuments built thanks to the flourishing financial resources of the ecclesiastical elites became common features of the so-called "afterlife" of the cities in Early Byzantine Greece between the end of the 4th century and the economic upheaval occurred around the Mediterranean world during the 7th century.

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