Support of Postdoctoral Research

Support of Perspective Human Resources – Postdoctoral Research at the Insitutes of Czech Academy of Sciences

Applicants must have obtained a PhD degree in the past 2 years (before the beginning of the scholarship) with the exception of time spent on maternal / parental leave. Also time spent on a long term scholarship outside of the Czech Republic isn´t included. However, the maximal time between obtaining PhD and applying for the PostDoc-Scholarship mustn´t exceed 4 years.

Successful applicants have to be approved by the Academy of Sciences which is responsible for the financial support of the applicants. The support usually applies for a year, but no more than two years. Applications can be submitted twice a year, until 30 April and 30 September anually, applications for the IAH CAS are due to a month earlier. All the actual deadlines are posted on the websites of the IAH CAS.

Application must contain:
-Curriculum Vitae, Proof of the PhD degree, Description of applicant’s research interests, description of the research project, List of publications, Letter of motivation

Within the programme following projects are supported at the IAH CAS:

Martina HrabováIn the backstage of the atelier: the new findings about the organisation of Le Corbusier's work

Daniela ŠtěrbováTeaching the Architecture on the Treshold of Late Baroque Period: Johann Ferdinand Schor and His Role in Forming a New Styla, 2017 - 2018

Eva JanáčováVisual History of Zionism in Bohemia and Moravia, 2016–2017

Francesco LovinoThe Heritage of Nikodim P. Kondakov in the Experiences of André Grabar and the Seminarium Kondakovianum, 2015–2016

Finished projects:

Martina Šárovcová – Illuminated Liturgical Manuscripts from the 16th - 18th centuries in Bohemia and Moravia as A Cultural-Historical Phenomenon, 2014-2016

Klára MezihorákováSacred Architecture of Těšínsko Demonstrated on the Selected Localities, 2013–2015

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