Photography Research Centre

The main objective of the centre is to explore the history and theory of photography, to create a new space for the sharing and presentation of the results of its basic and applied research, and to take an active part in collaboration with other Czech and international institutions and researchers.

The Centre aims to become a singular platform for interdisciplinary research in the Czech Republic the common denominator of which is the photography phenomenon. Although photography has been associated with all areas of human life, as well as with all scientific disciplines, for over 180 years, in the Czech milieu it is often investigated and interpreted only within branch-based, institutional, thematic and regional projects of a narrow focus. We believe that thanks to the collaboration with colleagues from other disciplines and institutions which is crucial for us we will succeed in overcoming these barriers.

The Photography Research Centre was officially established on 1 March 2018 and is part of a long-term concept of the development of the Institute of Art History of the Czech Academy of Sciences.


Petra Trnková (
Hana Buddeus (
Katarína Mašterová
Barbora Kundračíková (

Current Projects

  • Josef Sudek and Photographic Documentation of Works of Art:
    From a Private Art Archive to Representing a Cultural Heritage, NAKI II, DG16P02M002 (2016–2020)
  • Reflections on the Calotype and Early Photography on Paper in Central Europe, The Czech Science Foundation, No. 17-00682S (2017–2019)

Forthcoming Events

  • ‘Collections and non-Collections: the fluid lives of photographs in the Victoria and Albert Museum’, a lecture given by Prof. Elizabeth Edwards (De Montfort University / V&A Research Institute / University College London) within the Collegium historiae artium series, 28 November 2018
  • exhibition ‘(Ne)sbírky fotografií / (Non)Collections of Photographs’, Window Gallery, exhibition opening 7 November 2018
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