Collegium historiae artium 2017


Guests of lectures Collegium Historiae Artium, 2017

Institute of Art History invites you to the lecture series

„Collegium historiae artium“ 2017

Institute of Art History, Husova 4, 110 00 Prague 1
1st floor, room no. 117
15.30 h

Contact: Lucie Svátková, 221 183 501,

Lectures of the second half of the year 2017

13. 9. Olga Kotková – Adam Pokorný (National Gallery in Prague): Lucas Cranach, Law and Mercy: A Contribution to the Lutheran Visuality (in Czech language)

27. 9. Elisabetta Scirocco (Bibliotheca Hertziana, Max-Planck-Institut für Kunstgeschichte), Sacred Space and Memoria in the royal church of Santa Chiara in Naples (14th c.)

4. 10. Christopher Long (University of Texas, Austin): Problems in Art Historiography: Two Case Studies

11. 10. Daniela Štěrbová (Institute of Art History, CAS): Johann Ferdinand Schor and His Role in Making A New Style: Teaching Architecture at the States' Academy of Engineering (in Czech language)

25. 10. Michael Gubser (James Madison University): Riegl, Brentanto and Phenomenology (to be specified)

8. 11. Andrea Steckerová (National Gallery in Prague): Brandl: Portraits (in Czech language)

29. 11. Megan Luke (University of Southern California): Photoplastik: Max Klinger’s Beethoven

13. 12. Blanka Kubíková (National Gallery in Prague): Renaissance Portrait in the Czech Lands: State of Arts and Its Future (in Czech language)


Lectures of the first half of the year 2017

11. 1.  Štěpán Vácha (IAH CAS): Finding of the Holy Cross by Sandrart in Brno: A New Point of View (in Czech)

1. 2. Ivo Hlobil (IAH CAS): Concentric Parallel Lines: On the Technology and Symbolics of the Czech Beautiful Style (in Czech)

8. 2. Tomáš Murár (FA Charles University): Image as A Theory: (Non)American Paintings of Edward Hopper (in Czech)

22. 2.  Francesco Lovino (IAH CAS) De Baye Unveiled. Goths, Russia and an Unpublished Essay from the Kondakov Institute Archive

8. 3. Hynek Látal (University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice): Expressive Tendences in the Sacral Archutecture Around 1500: The Example of South Bohemia (in Czech)

22. 3.  Mirka C. Døj-Fetté (Princeton University): For the Greater Glory: Johann Georg Bendl’s stylistic shift in the Czech Lands

12. 4. Martina Hrabová: Atelier of Patient Searching: New Findings in Le Corbusier's Working Methods (in Czech)

26. 4.  Ulrike Seeger (Universität Stuttgart): Nette bei Alliprandi in Prag im Herbst 1708 und die Folgen für Schloss Ludwigsburg

10. 5.  Berthold Kress (Warburg Institute): 16th-century New-Testament Illustrations across Europe

24. 5. Sarah Lynch (Princeton University): The Habsburg Architect: Bonifaz Wolmut and the European Renaissance

14. 6. Tomáš Sekyrka (Prague City Archives): „… aby živnosti své … k užitku tím lépe hleděti mohli …“ Social and Economic Status of Prague Baroque Painters

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