Studia Rudolphina

Published by ARTEFACTUM, Institute of Art History ASCR, Czech Republic

A Institute of Art History ASCR, Husova 4, 110 00 Praha, Czech Republic
T +420 221 183 513

Editor-in-chief: Štěpán Vácha
Managing editor: Sylva Dobalová

Editorial Board: Beket Bukovinská (Institute of Art History ASCR, Prague), Lubomír Konečný (Institute of Art History ASCR, Prague), Eliška Fučíková (Prague), Dorothy Limouze (St. Lawrence University, Canton NY), Andrew John Martin (Munich), Sergiusz Michalski (Eberhard-Karls-Universität, Tübingen), Jürgen Zimmer (Berlin)


Studia Rudolphina, Bulletin of the Research Centre for Art and Culture in the Age of Rudolf II has been published once a year since 2001. It contains the texts of two or three lectures given as part of the cycle Collegium Historiae Artium, and studies describing the latest research (including the results of the Kateřina Dušková Memorial Fellowship study visits). Each issue also contains several shorter contributions in the section called "Prima Idea" and a special bibliography thematically concerning one of the published studies. In 2013, a new section "Fontes" was introduced, in which we plan to publish new archive findings on Rudolfine themes. A separate part of this periodical consists of the proceedings from international meetings on designated themes; the first such item was München – Prag um 1600, published in 2009.

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