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Photo Archive
Dušana Barčová, Mgr. Markéta Janotová (Head of Photo Archive), Mgr. Martin Pavlis

Photographic Studio
Zdeněk Matyásko (Head of Photographic Studio), MgA. Jitka Walterová, MgA. Vlado Bohdan and MgA. Petr Zinke.



The photographic studio is a creative workshop that creates original studio, interior, and exterior photographic works using Phase One digital backs on Hasselblad, Arca and Sinar cameras. The studio is equipped with professional photographic laboratories for developing black and white negative and positive photographic materials and scanners for digitalisation.




Opening hours

Tuesday     14:00 -17:00
Wednesday 14:00 -17:00
Thursday    14:00 -17:00

All visits only after prior arrangement.

A Photo Archive, Institute of Art History ASCR, Husova 4, 110 00 Praha, Czech Republic
T +420 221 183 509

Photographic Studio
T +420 221 183 517, +420 221 183 519, +420 221 183 520


Photographic Studio

The photo archive collects photographs of the heritage of old and modern art as an essential and important part of systematic research and related publications. Pictorial documentation from the Department's collection is used as part of lectures, conferences and exhibitions. It cooperates on a contractual basis with institutions working in the field, established publishing houses, and associations for the preservation and renewal of the artistic heritage.

The photo archive has extensive holdings of negatives and photographs. The collection was assembled gradually from 1953 onwards through the activity of a team of photographers from the Institute's own studio. Through purchases, donations, or bequests, the photo archive also acquired sets of pictures by leading Czech photographers such as Josef Sudek and Josef Ehm.

From the beginning emphasis has been placed on the quality of the photographic documentation of works of art as an independent branch of photography, which interprets as well as possible the intention of the artist and brings out the merits of his or her work. In the past, the following photographers have helped contribute to the high standard of the pictures: Miroslav Hák, Jiří Hampl, Prokop Paul and František Krejčí. Contemporary photographers whose work can be found in the collection include Zdeněk Matyásko, Jitka Walterová, Vlado Bohdan, Daniela Vokounová and Petr Zinke.


A database with thumbnail versions of pictures and photographs arranged on cards is available for visitors to the archive.

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