Collaegium historiae artium 2009

24. 6. 2009

Nicholas Sawicki, Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA

Between Tradition and Reform: Academic Art and Education in Early-Twentieth-Century Prague

10. 6. 2009

Christine Magin, Arbeitsstelle Inschriften, Greifswald

Ablassinschriften des späten Mittelalters

28. 5. 2009

Jochen Martz, Wien & Nürnberg

The Gardens at the Hofburg in Vienna and the Development of the Cultivation of Citrus in the Sixteenth to Eighteenth Centuries

13. 5. 2009

Ilja Veldman, Amsterdam

From Devotional Image to Work of Art: Aspects of the Early Graphic Arts in the North

23. 4. 2009

Peter Martyn, Instytut Sztuki PAN, Warsaw

Metropolitan life and labor: indicators of terminal crisis in contemporary civilisation

8. 4. 2009

Martin Horáček, Brno University of Technology – Palacký University Olomouc

Za krásnější svět: Tradicionalismus v současné architektuře [Towards a more beautiful world: traditionalism in contemporary architecture]

25. 3. 2009

Wendy Grossman, International Arts & Artists

African Art through the modernist Camera Lens

11. 3. 2009

Tomáš Winter, Institute of Art History, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic

Kanibalové a primitivismus v Čechách [Cannibals and primitivism in the Czech lands]

25. 2. 2009

Mirjana Repanić-Braun, Institute of Art History, Zagreb

St. John Nepomuk in the Baroque Painting and Sculpture of North Croatia

28. 1. 2009

Martin Mádl, Institute of Art History, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic

Quadratura: Recepce a adaptace v Čechách [Quadratura: reception and adaptation in the Czech lands]

14. 1. 2009

Pavel Vlček, Faculty of Architecture, Czech Technical University

Trojský zámek a jeho francouzské vzory [The Troja chateau and its French models]