Department of Documentation

Since it was first established, the Institute of Art History has assembled and processed art-historical documentation. In 2006 a specialised research department was set up which carries out three basic and closely linked tasks. The first is research in the field of art history sources, the second editing work, and the third is making accessible the written (especially bequests by individuals and institutions) and pictorial documentary collections of the Institute, divided up into its collections of prints, plans, and photographs. A special collection is formed by the material related to the work of the N.P. Kondakov Archaeological Institute. The Department also provides services for Czech and international researchers and other interested parties, for whom a new study room will be opened in 2010.

Currently the most important task for the Department is making accessible the unique collections of historical photo documentation and developing methodical tools for work of this type. The project is supported by the Financial Mechanisms of the European Economic Area and Norway (FMs EEA/Norway), with a contribution from the Czech state budget through the National Training Fund (Research Support Fund block grant). See





PhDr. Jiří Roháček, CSc. (Head of the Department), BcA. Markéta Berdychová, Mgr. Tereza Cíglerová (Cermanová), BcA. Kateřina Doležalová, Mgr. Martin Krummholz, Mgr. Jana Marešová, Mgr. Petra Trnková, PhD., Mgr. Kristina Uhlíková, PhD.


Documentary collections

Bequests by individuals

Josef Cibulka (1886–1968)
Vlasta Dvořáková (1920–2005)
Anton Gnirs (1873–1933)
Olga Herbenová (1927–1990)
Rudlof Hlubinka (1878–1951)
Rudolf Chuman (1892–1957
Karel Chytil (1859–1934)
Josef Jeřábek (1877–1957)
Jan Kotík (1916–2002)
Viktor Kotrba (1906–1973)
Vincet Kramář (1877–1960)
Josef Krása (1933–1985)
Jarmila Krčálová (1928–1993)
Rudolf Kuchynka (1869–1925)
Helena Lorencová (1945–2006)
Karel B. Mádl (1859–1932)
Antonín Matějček (1889–1950)
Václav M. Nebeský (1889–1949)
Jaromír Neumann (1924–2001)
Jaromír Pečírka (1891–1966)
Bedřich Piskač (1898–1929)
Josef Polák (1886–1945)
Eva Reitharová (1925–2003)
Zdeněk Rykr (1900–1940)
Ivan Šperling (1930–1987)
Hana Volavková (1904–1985)
Zdeněk Wirth (1878–1961)
František Žákavec (1878–1937)

Collections of institutions and associations

Archaeological Commission of the Czech Academy of Science and Art (1912–1949)
N.P. Kondakov Archaeological Institute (1925–1952)
Artefactum, publishing house of the Institute of Art History, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic (1994–2006)
Circle for Cultivating Art History (1913–1960)
National Cultural Commission (1947–1954)
Art History Society in the Czech Lands (1990–present)


Department publications


Research projects


Grant projects


Exhibition projects


Inventories of historical monuments published by the Archaeological Commission of the Czech Academy of Science and Art, Prague, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, 9 February – 6 March 2009 (Jana Marešová, Kristina Uhlíková, co-organiser Jiří Roháček)






Collection of prints

Curator: PhDr. Štěpán Vácha, CSc.

Collection of plans

Curator: PhDr. Martin Krummholz

Collection of photographs

Curator: Mgr. Petra Trnková, PhD.

Collection of The N P Kondakov Archeological Institute

Curator: PhDr. Jiří Roháček, CSc.

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