Dictionary of Art Historian

Slovník historiků umění, výtvarných kritiků, teoretiků a publicistů v českých zemích (cca 1800–2008) [A Dictionary of Art Historians, Critics, Theorists and Commentators in the Czech Lands (ca. 1800-2008)] is a further major encyclopaedia project to be initiated by the Institute of Art History, after the Nová encyklopedie českého výtvarného umění [New Encyclopaedia of Czech Visual Art] and its Dodatky [Supplement].

It was supported in 2003-2005 by grant no. 408/03/0060 from the Academy of Sciences, with the principal researcher being Anděla Horová and the co-researchers being Lubomír Slavíček from Masaryk University in Brno (the initiator of the project) and Polana Bregantová (bibliography). The entries on leading figures in the field of art history in the Czech lands (and in exile) from the beginning of the 19th century to the present time include detailed biographical notes and a select bibliography. Marie Platovská is also involved in the final editing of the Dictionary, which will be published by Academia in 2010.

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